INNOVA’s extensive simple cycle exhaust experience provides an excellent foundation for simple cycle SCR/CO exhaust systems. For over forty years, INNOVA has specialized in handling the rigorous requirements of simple cycle exhaust systems. In that time, INNOVA has developed a skill set essential in providing quality SCR/CO systems. The high temperatures and turbulent flows of simple cycle machines require sound engineering design of internal structural members, which INNOVA has mastered with more than 1,500 simple cycle exhaust projects.

Managing exhaust flow is critical to the performance of a CO/SCR system. Our in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) allows us to economically verify the flow distribution of each project, guaranteeing emissions requirements are achieved. Our experienced CFD engineers are dedicated to working in the simple cycle market, providing them expertise unique in the market. INNOVA’s forty years of experience in modeling, managing and distributing hot, simple cycle exhaust gases has allowed us to meet the world’s most stringent CO & NOx emissions requirements.

INNOVA Capabilities:

  • Ammonia Vaporization Skids
  • Noise Control
  • SCR/NOx Catalyst
  • AIG design for low Ammonia Slip
  • CO Catalyst
  • Simple Cycle GT Exhaust Flow Management
  • Tempering Air Systems
  • CFD
  • Ammonia Storage & Supply