Consolidated Fabricators (ConFab) supplies a wide range of high temperature ,corrosion-resistant combustion system parts for power generation, including gas turbine seals, gas turbine retainers, brackets, wirelocks and others. We also manufacture complete exhaust diffuser systems for Frame 5 and Frame 7 gas turbines.

We meet or exceed stringent customer expectations for tight tolerances on precision fabricated components requiring forming, welding, CNC machining and CMM inspection. Parts are fabricated from an extensive offering of alloys, including:

  • All grades of stainless steel
  • Inconel® alloys
  • Hastalloy® alloys
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Copper alloys

Research, Design and Prototyping Services for Engine Components

ConFab can help you with better parts! Bring your challenging situations to our engineers and we can research, diagnose and design an improved version of an existing combustion part. Capabilities to design and produce production tooling, along with soft tooling designs for prototyping and short runs can be accommodated within our Engineering and Manufacturing programs. Ask us about making miscellaneous machined parts for your power plant.

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