SCR & CO Catalyst Systems for Simple Cycle Plants

The combination of our SCR technology coupled with our international fabrication capabilities and exhaust structural design expertise is a formula for customer success. Our expertise and experience includes the design and supply of dozens of catalyst systems and thousands of exhaust systems including stacks and silencers, more specifically, our capabilities include:

  • Ammonia vaporization skids
  • AIG design for low ammonia slip
  • Noise control
  • SCR/NOx catalyst
  • CO catalyst
  • Simple cycle GT exhaust flow management
  • Tempering air systems
  • Ammonia storage & supply
  • Combustion fluid dynamics
SCR system - electric heater solution

Flow Management

In the current environment of high conversion efficiencies and low ammonia slip levels, proper flow distribution is absolutely essential to catalyst system performance. We model all NOx and CO catalyst systems to verify proper flow distribution through the catalyst, ensuring that specified reduction levels are met. Total system pressure drop is also a key design consideration which is controlled by proper design of the ductwork and silencing systems.

Ammonia Systems

We have extensive experience with both aqueous and anhydrous ammonia systems and can supply whichever to meet your plant needs. We provide hot gas recirculation units and electric heater atomization units. Our typical scope of supply includes ammonia/air dilution skid, ammonia piping and balancing header, and Ammonia Injection Grid (AIG). The skids are shop-fabricated, insulated, and wired for fast, simple installation at the site.

Silencing and Thermal Stress Analysis

Noise attenuation is often critical to the design of catalyst systems. Our in-house acoustic engineers have designed many systems to meet challenging low-noise criteria.