Widely Acclaimed as the World Leader in GT Inlet Cooling & Heating Technologies

Our engineers have extensive experience and knowledge with providing innovative solutions on inlet filter house systems based on specific environmental and end user requirements. We have produced hundreds of top quality, cost-effective systems of filtration and auxiliary equipment that clean and condition the air at low pressure drop for optimum power output while protecting the compressor from damages by foreign objects.

Inlet Cooling Systems

INNOVA has extensive experience in providing media-based evaporative coolers. Our system includes a total solution package comprising module housings, cooler media and drift eliminators, interconnecting piping system, and system controls that can be integrated with your existing turbine control center or can be set up to operate automatically using a PLC.

INNOVA can offer solutions ranging from 88% to 98% saturation effectiveness using higher face velocity media up to 750 feet per minute.

Before - inlet cooling system
After - inlet cooling system

Inlet Chilling Systems

INNOVA can provide inlet chilling solutions that can be added to your system to meet your peak MW demand and obtain an air outlet temperature as low as 45-degrees F.

INNOVA engineers have years of experience in CFD and thermal modeling of inlet chilling systems and are equipped with the latest finite element and volume analysis tools, heat transfer and thermodynamic modeling software to design an integrated system that meets your requirements. INNOVA can provide the complete scope, chiller housing, coils, condensate mitigation, transitions, piping and controls.

Inlet chillers for GE 7FA, Brazos, TX
Reverse return piping for inlet chillers

Inlet Heating Systems

INNOVA has successfully designed and executed a variety of comprehensive inlet heating systems around the world to provide for anti-icing, turbine emissions control, or even increasing part load thermal efficiency … all based upon specific customer needs.

INNOVA can provide a system that your plant can easily control to meet its specific temperature needs from steam to air heat exchangers, water/glycol and air coils, high and low pressure bleed air anti-icing systems. INNOVA can also design and manufacture heat exchanger skids to suit your needs.

Filtration Systems

INNOVA has a filtration system that can be adapted to your existing gas turbine system and our systems include the following:

  • Intake hoods for weather protection (e.g. rain or snow elimination)
  • Mist elimination and coalescing filters
  • Static filter systems – pre-filters to high efficiency final filters
  • Pulse filter systems (self-cleaning)
  • Combination filtration systems
  • Salt removal package
  • Sub-micron particulate filtration
7FA barrier filter house with evaporative cooling

Implosion Door Retrofits

INNOVA’s implosion door retrofits can help to avoid a turbine trip caused by extreme delta P. Our implosion doors are designed to mechanically open at pre-determined delta P to let unfiltered air into the inlet of the gas turbine, bypassing the filters. Designs may include mechanical switches that alert the control room when the door has been activated to allow the operator to make the appropriate decision.