When any of your Gas Turbine Auxiliary Systems need to be replaced, repaired, or upgraded, you shouldn’t settle for “Same As” equipment. Take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade with an improved design from INNOVA or Consolidated Fabricators!

The GT OEM's First Choice

INNOVA is uniquely qualified to provide an upgrade to any of your Gas Turbine (also known as Combustion Turbine) Auxiliary Systems. As the preferred supplier to GT OEM’s for over 50 years, chances are that we built your original system. As designs, specifications, and construction techniques have evolved, INNOVA’s engineers have been at the forefront of improvements. Today we are capable of delivering gas turbine auxiliaries that are demonstrably better than those that came with your original system. An improved, modern retrofit from INNOVA draws from our full array of structural, mechanical, electrical, and acoustical engineers to optimize your plant.

On-Time, On-Budget, On-Target

INNOVA’s supervision of materials, procedures, and personnel means single-source responsibility for each construction event under contract. For turnkey projects, our approach minimizes erection time and costs and puts your plant on target to achieve peak power performance as quickly as possible.

Our Unique Perspective

Our experience and background enables us to look at the “big picture” as we understand how all the subsystems work together to enhance the performance of your gas turbine. Our equipment recommendations are based on an understanding of your overall plant.

filterhousebefore.JPGBefore - FS-3 filter house (no filtration)
filterhouseafter.JPGAfter - FS-3 filter house (with mist eliminators, pre-filters, and final filters)