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Since 2009, INNOVA has delivered best-in-class SCR systems for gas turbine simple cycle applications.

Our SCR Development Process

We began development of our systems in 2009 with the hiring of an SCR design team with 40 years' experience on 30 sold units. Our team's thorough understanding of turbine exhaust gas flow, ammonia injection and mixing, SCR catalyst selection, ammonia vaporization systems, tempering air requirements and fabrication and installation joined with INNOVA's 40 years of noise abatement expertise for leading-edge SCR applications.

SCR Applications

Client: California
Scope: CO/SCR retrofit of an existing Nooter boiler
Design Targets:
  • 2.9 ppm NOx
  • 90% CO reduction
  • 8ppm NH3 slip
Client: Delaware
  • SCR retrofit for LM6000
  • Higgott-KaneTM Exhaust System c/w Silencer
  • Anti-Icing System
Design Targets:
  • 2.5 ppm for Natural Gas (NG) @ 5ppm NH3 slip
  • 9ppm for Ultra Low Sulfur Dioxide (ULSD) @ 5ppm NH3 slip
  • 90% NOx reduction for both NG and ULSD
Client: North Dakota
  • 2 x SCR for LM6000
  • Higgott-Kane™ Exhaust System c/w Silencer
Design Target:
  • 90% NOx reduction
  • 90% CO reduction to 4.0 ppm

INNOVA Gas Turbine SCR Benefits

  • Guaranteed NOx reduction to meet your specific requirements
  • Precise control of the ammonia injection rate for greater NOx conversion
  • Higher efficiency exhaust gas and ammonia mixing from our patent-pending injection grid design
  • Lower ammonia slip with superior ammonia mixing and sealing of the catalyst to the frame and liners
  • Critical low frequency or octave band noise attenuation
  • Validated thermal and flow simulations
  • Low pressure drop

Add On for a Total System Solution

At INNOVA, we've worked to cover your power plant equipment needs right from the start. Along with our SCR system, select from our impressive portfolio of OEM-approved, premier quality products for Gas Turbine applications.

Please talk to us about how we can help you meet your NOx, and noise emissions requirements, while improving your bottom line.

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