Obtaining and maintaining plant efficiency is critical to the economic well-being of your power plant. To achieve optimum performance, all integrated parts must work together fluidly, providing maximum output. Trust in the engineering know-how and experience of INNOVA to deliver the highest quality HRSGs:

  • Increase the level of production and energy savings
  • Lower downtime and maintenance
  • Access guaranteed air and noise emissions control
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HRSG Design Features

Reliable, efficient, and backed by the unrivaled INNOVA performance guarantee, our HRSG systems provide an integrated solution for power plants.

  • Custom engineered HRSGs for gas turbines to 65 MW
  • Steam production up to 500,000 pph
  • Modular, natural or forced circulation, water tube designs
  • Conventional horizontal designs or vertical gas flow natural circulation for tight plot space
  • Radiant furnace for high-fired HRSGs
  • Modular internally insulated HRSG
  • Rapid changeover from unfired/supplemental-fired fresh air firing
  • One, two or three pressure levels
  • Diverter valves to regulate air flow
  • SCR system for NOx and CO reduction
  • Full integration with existing operations

Add-On for a Total Gas Turbine Exhaust System

INNOVA is the ultimate 'one-stop-shop' for combined-cycle and cogeneration plants. Integrate our HRSGs with the complete INNOVA combustion exhaust product line for a total system solution:

  • Diffuser
  • Bypass Stack
  • Diverter Damper
  • Exhaust Stack
  • Custom Silencers

Experience & Expertise

Our HRSG's are engineered by an experienced product team with numerous operating units worldwide.

  • More than 120 years combined HRSG design and engineering experience
  • Staff experience on more than 100 units sold
  • Every application custom engineered
  • Successful manufacturing in third-party, OEM-approved, global manufacturing facilities
  • State-of-the-art engineering tools

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