Tame the high velocity exhaust flow from your gas turbine using a diffuser that is engineered and tested to produce an optimal transition of the gas stream to the exhaust silencer, stack or HRSG. 

Diffusers are located in one of the most violent environments in a gas turbine power plant. The extreme heat, high stresses created by thermal cycling, and high velocity of the exhaust gases are major factors in how the diffuser should be designed and built to perform.

INNOVA is an OEM trusted supplier of diffusers designed to assist in transitioning highly turbulent exhaust gases to either simple exhaust systems or HRSG's. Using our proven internal liner design, our diffusers can structurally and thermally withstand hot, turbulent exhaust gases.

Special considerations go into our designs:

  • CFD and FEA tested
  • Modular construction to facilitate shipment and site erection
  • Consideration for gas turbine compressor bleed pipe interfaces
  • Utilizes special high temperature-resistant materials and an expansion joint at the gas turbine manifold interface
  • Proven operational performance

Regardless of which turbine is on your site, INNOVA has a diffuser design to allow efficient transition into the exhaust silencer, stack or HRSG.

To find out more about how we can engineer a diffuser for you, contact us now for a free quote.

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