The INNOVA anti-icing system prevents frost and ice formation on inlet components to protect the gas turbine, and prevent pressure drop buildup. Icing can damage blades, filter elements and other vital parts even in temperatures above freezing—ice crystals form at less than 40⁰F and greater than 50% relative humidity.

INNOVA has provided more than 100 anti-icing units to the gas-turbine industry with inlet air temperature rises from 10⁰F to 59⁰F.

Unique Anti-Icing System

The INNOVA anti-icng system is unique in the industry. Our system recovers hot exhaust air from the turbine, warming the air in a heat exchanger then transporting it to the inlet face via a blower. Our straightforward design is adaptable to any gas turbine application, and the simplicity of our system allows for its activation at any time during operation — providing the protection you need where and when you need it.

  1. The blower forces ambient air into offset arrays of circular tubes just inside the exhaust duct shell.
  2. Air flows through the heat exchanger counter to the exhaust gas path, warming as it travels.
  3. The heated air is then transported through ducting to distribution rakes at the filter house inlet, where it flows evenly across its face.
  4. The warm air is introduced upstream from the first stage of the inlet filter, raising the overall temperature of combustion airflow to shift air conditions out of the icing risk range.

Advantages of the INNOVA Anti-Icing System

Virtually zero pressure drop impact on engine performance, ease of maintenance, low parasitic power loads, and non-toxic environmental impact are among the many reasons why our customers select an INNOVA anti-icing system over other systems.

  • Quiet operation with no environmental impact (no glycol disposal)
  • Protection of vital turbine components
  • Utilization of waste heat from exhaust
  • Virtually zero system pressure drop
  • Guaranteed minimum 10°F temperature rise at gas turbine mouth (higher temperature rise is easily achieved)
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Adaptability to any gas turbine model
  • Low noise option
  • Competitive cost
  • Minimal parasitic load
  • Protection of filter elements against frost or ice
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Fast Start

Our unique anti-icing system can provide heat the instant the turbine starts with the addition of electric heating elements. Our advanced heating option can be activated at any time during operation.

Inlet Heating

INNOVA also offers a alternate inlet heating designs that allow for as much as a 59°F temperature rise. This allows for safe operation of the gas turbine under the lowest ambient temperatures. In particular, some gas turbines emit higher NOx levels under low ambient temperatures. Installation of our system to act as an inlet heating solution allows for effective operation of the gas turbine year-round.

Add On for a Total System Solution

At Innova, we've worked to cover your power plant equipment needs right from the start. Along with our anti-icing system, select from our impressive portfolio of OEM-approved, and premier quality products for Gas Turbines.

Our premium product and services line-up provides a one-stop-shopping experience. Contact us today to discuss how INNOVA can work for you.