A gas turbine bypass system diverts flue gases from the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) in combined cycle mode to a bypass stack with a silencer assembly to operate in simple cycle mode. Maintenance can then be performed on the HRSG as the diverter isolates it completely from the gas turbine.

Another use of the bypass diverter system allows for combined cycle operation during the day and simple cycle operation at night when power demand is lowest. Additionally, the diverter permits power to be generated by the gas turbine even when the steam turbine cycle is down for a scheduled or unscheduled shut down.

INNOVA has engineered, fabricated and installed gas turbine bypass systems in as diverse places as South America, MENA and Northern Canada.

Bypass Systems for the Toughest Environments

We can create reliable, robust and effective designs to meet any system and compliance requirements, as we take into account such critical areas as:

  • Thermally compensating diverter blade and blade supports
  • Robust diverter toggle drive systems
  • Baffle support systems and silencing baffles
Acoustic Building1
Acoustic Building1

Engineering Innovation

A traditional problem with diverter dampers are the "hot spots" at the seal land area, which result in issues with personnel safety as well as diverter damper functionality. INNOVA has created a patented seal land system that solves the "hot spot" issue, resulting in a more robust and cost-saving system.

INNOVA uses in-house CFD and 3D modeling, as well as finite element analysis to ensure that all design limits for pressure drop, local velocity limits in critical silencer sections, and non-cyclonic flow requirements are met.

Customizable Diverter Damper Options

We offer comprehensive gas turbine services, starting with an evaluation of your needs, in order to design the most energy and cost efficient bypass system to meet your safety specifications.

Our diverter damper options include:

Fully actuated diverter dampers:

  • To allow gas turbine operation during steam turbine trip
  • Controlled ramp-up of steam cycle during combined cycle start-up
  • Fast switching from combined to simple cycle

Tee box with blanking plates:

  • For one time or infrequent conversion to combined cycle

Tee box with retrofit capability:

  • Pre-designed for conversion into a diverter damper when future conversion to combined cycle may be a possibility

For guaranteed noise compliance, we offer our Higgott-Kane™ Gas Turbine silencing systems in bypass mode by carefully fine-tuning system geometry to reduce turbulence and the noise associated with it.

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