Representative International Projects by INNOVA Global Oil & Gas Team Members

og team projects map

The INNOVA Global Oil & Gas team has established a proven track record for success. Over our 40-year history, we have executed over 3,500 projects spanning 50+ countries. We now have 11 dedicated offices worldwide – allowing us to provide exceptional value to producers and operators of varying sizes.

Below is a list of representative projects led by current members of the INNOVA Global Oil & Gas team, showcasing a variety of project scopes and applications.

North America

  • Suffield (Alberta) Compressor Station & Gathering System
  • Wainwright (Alberta) Compressor Station, Gathering System & Refrigeration Facilities
  • Primrose (Alberta) Compressor Station, Gathering System & Refrigeration Facilities
  • Wapella (Saskatchewan) Oil Battery Upgrade and Salt Water Disposal (20,000 BPD)
  • Smiley (Saskatchewan) Sour Gas Processing Facility (10 MMSCFD)
  • Redwater (Alberta) Sour Oil Battery
  • Goodwin (Saskatchewan) Gas Processing Facility, Gathering System, and Sales Pipeline
  • Lake Alma (Saskatchewan) Oil Battery Upgrade
  • Albers (Alberta) Booster Compressor Station (~5 MMSCFD)
  • Hardisty (Alberta) Desiccant Plant (~20 MMSCFD)
  • Lennard Creek (Alberta) Gas Gathering, Compression and Refrigeration Plant (12 MMSCFD)
  • Garrington (Alberta) Booster Compressor Station
  • Rainbow Lake (Alberta) Compressor Station and Gathering System
  • Wild Boy (British Columbia) Compressor Station and Gathering System
  • Sikanni (British Columbia) Sour Gas Processing Facility (100 MMSCFD)
  • Brazeau (Alberta) Gas Processing Plant and Ethane Recovery Facility
  • Progress (Alberta) Gas Processing (37.5 MMSCFD) and Sulphur Recovery Facility
  • Dover (Alberta) Solution Gas Compression and Heavy Oil Facility Optimization
  • Gordondale (Alberta) Gas Plant (450 MMSCFD) and LPG Recovery (153 MMSCFD)
  • Brazeau (Alberta) Ethane Recovery Plant
  • Nanticoke (Ontario) Refinery Sulphur Recovery Unit
  • Primrose (Alberta) Heavy Oil Pilot, 4-Well Production, 2-Well Steam Plant
  • Cactus Lake (Alberta) SAGD, 2-Well Production, Water Treatment
  • Peco (Alberta) Field Development and Gas Processing Facility
  • Ferrybank (Alberta) Field Development, Gas Gathering and Refrigeration Facilities


  • Sengkang (Indonesia) Sour Gas Processing Facility (28 MMscfd) & Pipeline (30 km)
  • Hazira (India) Compression (20,0000 BHP) and Propane Refrigeration Facilities (2,700 BHP)
  • Platong 2 (Thailand) Platform Topside
  • Rubicon (Thailand) Platform Topside
  • Canadon Alpha / Rio Cullen (Argentina) Production Facility expansion
  • Surat (India) Low Pressure Gas Processing Facility and Shallow Gas Field


  • Stanley-Elevala-Ketu (Papua New Guinea) LNG Production Facility, Field Compression and Condensate Recovery
  • Perth Basin (Australia) CO2 Removal
  • P3 Energy (Indonesia) Fuel Conversion, LNG Re-Gas Facilities, Storage and Distribution
  • East Belomut/Cheriagat (Malaysia) Platform Compression Re-design
  • Platong II (Thailand) Platform Produced Water Hydrocyclone and De-Sanding and Oil Removal