Compressor and Process Engineering

The production and processing of hydrocarbons requires increasingly complex, innovative engineering solutions. INNOVA Global has proven expertise in natural gas compressor packaging, process engineering and facility and pipeline design.

INNOVA Global’s Oil & Gas team has achieved a 100% success rate in solving the most challenging problems including Hg and H2S trace removal, high CO2 removal, deep-cut liquids recovery, and monetization of remote gas sources.

Each and every project is led by INNOVA Global’s dedicated senior level Oil & Gas team, with all members bringing decades of experience in compression and process engineering, and oil & gas operations.

Our Compressor and Process Engineering Solutions include

  • Hg and H2S trace removal
  • High CO2 removal
  • Deep-cut liquids recovery
  • Monetization of remote gas sources
  • Compressor packaging and optimization
  • Sour natural gas processing and handling
  • Crude oil handling, treating and de-salting
  • Gas refrigeration/hydrocarbon liquids recovery
  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  • Bulk CO2 removal
  • Solution gas
  • Coal bed methane extraction and treating
  • Gas storage and recycling projects
  • Water treatment and disposal
  • Vapor recovery
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Plant process modifications
  • Changing gas compositions and BTU values
  • Shifting or declining gas volumes

Other issues we address include:

  • FEED studies and associated economics
  • Greenfield development and planning
  • Brownfield enhancement and expansion
  • Facility and pipeline de-bottlenecking
  • Utilization of low-cost, refurbished gas turbines
  • Power generation
    • Waste heat recovery for electricity generation
    • On-site power generation

Economically Viable Production and Processing Solutions

Our Team’s historical operating experience and understanding of producers’ needs provide maximum capital recovery for new construction or expansion projects. We maximize ROI by combining cost-effective engineering solutions with our low price, in-house fabrication and supply chain.

  • Process conditions are optimized while ensuring your facilities match specified operational and production parameters.
  • Cost-effective designs minimize downtime, reduce surface repair and replacement (SR&R) costs, and maximize facility utilization and expansion potential.

The INNOVA Global Advantage

  • Cash flow & economic evaluation
  • Economic modeling and commercial understanding
  • Low-cost manufacturing at three INNOVA fabrication plants
  • Supply chain network with preferential pricing passed to end-users
  • Portable, modular facility designs for rapid field installation and re-deployment
  • Re-purposing of a clients’ own equipment or finding/refurbishing gray market stock
  • Technical support and trouble shooting

Leverage INNOVA Global’s Oil & Gas EPCM Capabilities

INNOVA Global’s full suite of EPCM capabilities ensures high quality facilities to match your infrastructure and operational needs.

  • Conceptual and front-end engineering design (FEED) and budgetary collaboration
  • Regulatory assessments & permitting assistance
  • Facilities design & layout
  • Detailed engineering (acoustical, air emissions, piping, mechanical, structural, civil, electrical, instrumentation)
  • Schedule & budget development
  • Component & package fabrication
  • Sourcing & expediting
  • Excavation & site preparation
  • Construction management
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Compliance and performance guarantee