Foster Wheeler Fired Heaters Ltd.


The conversion from combined cycle to simple cycle operation changes the noise level of a plant. During simple cycle operation waste heat is diverted to the exhaust stack with a corresponding increase in noise. Facilities with conversion capability must ensure the plant will meet all noise level regulations under any operating condition.


Design, manufacture and supply of one GE LM6000 exhaust by-pass system; expansion joint at gas turbine exit, horizontal transition, diverter damper with man door and entry/exit expansion joints, transition between diverter and silencer, high-performance Higgott-Kane™ silencing, stack, and support steel.

Icing can occur anywhere within the inlet system. Integrated with the exhaust stack, the anti-icing system uses heat from the engine exhaust gas to warm collected ambient air. This warm air is carried to the filter house inlet, where it flows evenly across its face. The entire inlet system is protected from icing with virtually zero pressure drop and energy loss and without the need for costly environmental clean-up as needed for glycol systems. The simplicity of the design ensures adaptability to any gas turbine application.


  • 40 dBA at 750 meters
  • 85 dBA at 1 meter, 1.5 meters above grade


The mechanical damper allows for quick conversion from combined cycle to simple cycle operation. INNOVA designed a customized silencer for the exhaust stack that ensures the critical environmental noise levels are maintained when the system is switched to simple cycle and waste heat is diverted.