National Grid


The Felindre Compressor Station maintains the pressure in the Felindre to Tirley 1,220mm diameter gas pipeline, transporting gas north from the Milford Haven to Aberdulais pipeline to join the existing National Gas Transmission System at Treaddow in Herefordshire. The 15MW Solar Titan 130 gas turbine driving a centrifugal natural gas compressor required acoustic attenuation to achieve stringent noise criteria at 170m distance. INNOVA was responsible for the turn-key noise control solution. The noise control solution included a ventilated acoustic building with maximum Rw=57 transmission loss performance, gas turbine intake and exhaust silencing and acoustic pipe lagging.


INNOVA designed, supplied and installed all noise control and provided a site-wide performance guarantee. Acoustic mitigation and other scope included:

  • Gas Compressor Building
  • Building Ventilation System
  • 2-stage Turbine Exhaust Silencing
  • 2-stage Turbine Inlet Silencing
  • Equipment Acoustic Lagging
  • Structural Support Steelwork


In accordance with development permit, the noise guarantee was provided by INNOVA, comprising Leq = 37dB(A) (re 20μPa) and 65dB in the 31.5Hz octave band at a location 170m west of the plant fence line, at Llety Morfil Farm.


The principal noise sources (Lw) for the compressor station were:

  • 2x Solar Titan 130 turbocompressors – 123 dBA ea.
  • Compressor suction and discharge piping – 107 dBA
  • Turbine Exhaust – 140 dBA
  • Turbine Inlet – 158 dBA