Oil International Services (OIS)


INNOVA was contracted by IOS to provide 2 enclosure packages for Nouvo Pignone gas turbines for an offshore platform in Mexico.  These units were more than 25 years old and were retired for not meeting the latest performance, acoustic and safety requirements.


With the site being offshore, the environment was highly corrosive and laden with salt so the requirement to use special corrosion resistant materials and paint was important.  The outdoor ambient temperature range was between 12°C to 39°C. The electrical systems conformed to the approved use in Class 1, Division 1, Group C&D areas.


INNOVA designed and supplied 2 complete retrofit enclosure packages, each consisting of:

  • Intake Silencer, Elbow and Flex Joint
  • Enclosure Ventilation Intake System
  • Gas Turbine Enclosure
  • Enclosure Ventilation Outlet System
  • Exhaust Stack, Transition, Silencers and Expansion Joints
  • Electrical and Instruments
  • All materials were 316 stainless steel.  All components, other than the exhaust stack were blasted and painted with a 3 coat system


Innova Global guaranteed noise levels of no more than 85 dBA along the equipment envelope at a height of 1.5 meters above the ground.