Williams Gas Pipelines - Transco


Design, supply, and installation of acoustic retrofit for a compressor station. The lube oil pipes were isolated to stop the vibration radiating from the structure. A unique system was used to silence the lube oil cooler intake and discharge that resulted in an additional pressure drop of less than 0.016 in. W.G. This pressure drop is significantly less than the typical 0.3 in. W.G. The exhaust stack was treated by sliding silencing baffles into the existing stack. By leaving the original stack in place a considerable cost savings was realized by the client. 


40 dBA at 650 ft. from building


One Solar Mars 100 S Turbine


Customized above ground pipe treatment instead of pipe lagging and custom-made acoustic blankets was installed to reduce the noise level. The innovative treatment attenuated noise in the specific octave bands of 63, 125, and 250 Hz that lagging and blankets could not. All acoustic work was done to comply with FERC regulations. INNOVA’s Type B wall was used over the existing wall on the compressor building. Acoustical achievements were met.