Quicksilver Resources Inc.


Noise Mitigation for the Cowtown Gas Processing and Compression Plant in Texas for Quicksilver Resources Inc.


At a stage where 30% of the total plant was installed and operational INNOVA was asked to conduct a noise investigation into emissions from the Cowtown Gas Plant, both at present and in the future, and recommend cost-effective noise control measures to mitigate concerns from local residents.

The scope of work on this project included the following key tasks:

  • Long-term ambient noise survey (7 days) at the plant boundary and nearest sensitive receiver to gauge the effect of atmospheric variations and other intermittent noise sources in the local area
  • Detailed near field noise surveys to identify the noise contribution from plant components
  • Sound power levels calculations and computer-based noise modeling (Cadna/A)
  • Recommend noise control measures which would address concerns of local residents
  • Noise control design was taken through to full detailing

Fitting suitable noise control measures into an already very compact equipment layout was the major challenge on this project. An acoustically lined building was the main component of the noise control solution, and finding suitable locations for building foundations and actually installing them was the largest of those hurdles. 

The final stage of this project involves site verification of the plant noise emissions after installation of all noise control measures. 


  • 45dBA at the nearest residence to the plant


  • Caterpillar model 3608, 3612 and 3616 engines driving Ariel four and six barrel centrifugal compressors
  • Gas coolers associated with each compressor
  • Secondary noise sources include turbo expanders, pumps, fans and valves


INNOVA completed this project in 2008, meeting all acoustical requirements.