The Qurayyah combined cycle power plant, to be commissioned in 2014, is located on the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia near Khobar. As of 2012, it is considered the largest combined cycle, gas‐fired independent power plant (IPP) in the world, built to help to meet the rapidly increasing power demand in Saudi Arabia. The 3927MW greenfield IPP has 6 identical equipment sets, each with an output of 654.5MW. The sets consist of a total of 18 SGEN6‐1000A generators, 12 Siemens SGT6‐5000F Gas Turbines (GT's), 12 Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) and 6 SST6‐4000 steam turbines. The Qurayyah IPP is designed with the highest thermal performance possible while complying with local environmental laws, guidelines, regulations and standards making the power plant the most efficient of its kind in Saudi Arabia.


INNOVA was responsible for the design, engineering and material procurement of 18 acoustic generator enclosures. The acoustic enclosures are from INNOVA’s proprietary line of Noise Management enclosures that provides the exact attenuation needed to mitigate noise emitted from the generators. 


INNOVA met the noise criteria of 85 dBA at 1 meter by constructing the acoustic enclosures using Noise Management tested and MVLAP‐certified acoustic assemblies.


With over 6300 components that required shipping, INNOVA designed the enclosures to be containerized for ease of transportation and organized a single‐point consolidation and packaging of all components. Shipping was minimized to 36 containers for 18 enclosures creating significant cost savings.

Also considered during the design process was the need to minimize installation time. All 18 enclosures were strategically planned to limit erection time to 2 weeks per enclosure. Another design feature included a Coastal Finish Upgrade ensuring that all enclosure surfaces would be protected from the corrosive effect of high salt content in the air.