Ensure compliance with Alberta's industrial noise limits.  As an operator of industrial facilities, you want to avoid the costly consequences of a shut down due to failure to comply with Alberta's changing industrial noise limits.  You don't need to start from scratch.  Learn more about Directive 038 and Rule 012 and how a retrofit can save you from non-compliance.

As an operator of industrial facilities, you want to avoid the costly consequences of a shut down due to failure to comply with Alberta’s changing industrial noise limits. You do not need to start from scratch. Acoustic retrofits, if done correctly, can save you time and money. Innova specializes in acoustic design, supply, installation and guaranteed compliance for new and existing industrial facilities.

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) intend to eliminate the deferred status for pre-1988 facilities as of October 17, 2018. After this date, all deferred oil & gas and power generation facilities will be required to meet the noise limits of Directive 038 or Rule 012.

Directive 038: Noise Control applies to the following:

  • energy developments licensed under the Oil and Gas Conservation Act and Regulations,
  • developments permitted or licensed under the Coal Conservation Act and Regulations,
  • oil sands projects licensed or approved under the Oil Sands Conservation Act and Regulation,

Rule 012 applies to the following:

  • gas utility pipeline, hydro development, power plant, wind turbine, substation or transmission line.

Previously, facilities in operation before October 17, 1988 were considered a deferred facility and did not have to comply with the permissible sound levels (PSLs) after this date, as long as no resident complaints were filed. Facilities in Alberta assigned this deferred status may need to upgrade to comply with the sound level limits introduced on February 16, 2007 and March 24, 2009.

Alberta limits noise at the residential receptor, which varies from 40 dBA in quiet rural areas to 56 dBA nearer to cities. On occasion and in pristine environments, this limit drops to 35 dBA, the equivalent of a soft whisper. Although the AER and the AUC have different regulating documents, the limits are the same in each as seen in the excerpts below. 

Section 2.1 of the AER's Directive 038: Noise control states:New facilities must meet a PSL of 40 dBA Leg (nighttime) at 1.5km from the facility fence line if there are no closer dwellings"

Section 2.1 of the AUC Rule 012 states "The Permissible sound level is determined for the most impacted   dwelling(s) from the boundary of the facility property and is the value assigned to that dwelling(s), or if there are no dwellings within 1.5 kilometres (km) from the facility property, then the permissible sound level of 40 dBA Leg nighttime is applicable at 1.5 km from the facility property. The permissible sound level is based on summertime conditions."
Both regulations have equations to calculatePSL's if a dwelling is closer than 1.5 km.

Noise Mitigation Solutions

Facility retrofits can be very costly if done incorrectly or as a one-size-fits-all approach. By completing an initial noise survey, Innova can model the noise from an existing facility and determine a cost-efficient noise reduction solution to limit impact on operations. We work with facility owners to complete noise mitigation during shut-down or turnaround and by designing retrofits which have the least effect on plant operation. Accessing our acoustic retrofit experience prevents or minimizes down-time while ensuring compliance with regulations.

By utilizing the most advanced technology, Innova can save you time and money in your project retrofit. Take a look at our acoustic camera video here.

Low frequency noise (LFN) can be a common issue with older facilities and can be difficult to diagnose and mitigate. Alberta recognises LFN issues and if present 5 dBA is added to the measured comprehensive sound level. We specialize in solving LFN problems and will design to mitigate them.

Innova can help facility owners develop a work action and implementation plan to meet regulatory requirements.

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