CALGARY, AB – International emissions and noise control leader Innova Global Limited (INNOVA) has won over $43 million worth of new work since merging with Braden in October - positioning the expanded group for continued strong growth into 2018.

The new orders largely relate to a range of gas-fired power projects in North America, but also include contracts for work from Australia, Mexico, Chile, Jamaica, Pakistan and Russia.

INNOVA’s President and CEO Harry Wong said the significant tranche of new work orders validated the strategic decision to acquire the Braden businesses and further underpinned confidence in INNOVA’s long term future and growth.

“Most of these orders for gas turbine halls, acoustic building envelopes, gas turbine exhausts with silencers, diffusers and inlet filter houses involve existing clients who clearly value the INNOVA-Braden team’s track record for consistent quality and results.” Mr. Wong said.

“One project involves a site wide acoustic guarantee to achieve compliance of a 700 MW power plant in specific octave bands, including at 16 Hertz.  As far as we know, INNOVA is the only contractor to guarantee entire sites for such low frequencies.  Our experience over 40 years and extensive R&D program involving materials testing, on-site noise level measurements and a combination of CFD, FEA and flow modeling are reasons why INNOVA can offer this make-good acoustic guarantee”.

“Another project involves the design, supply and installation of acoustic treatments for two 644 MW power plants in California to meet particularly stringent noise restrictions under multiple operating conditions, including start-up and shut-down.”

These US $43m of firm orders adds to a backlog for 2018 which is the highest in INNOVA’s history and 40% above the backlog for 2017.

Braden, a multinational gas turbine auxiliary equipment specialist, comprises of Braden Manufacturing LLC (BUSA) in Tulsa, Consolidated Fabricators (CFI) in Auburn, Massachusetts and Braden-Europe (BEUR) located in Heerlen, the Netherlands.

The acquisition from Global Power Group in October 2017 enabled INNOVA to expand its global reach with added market presence in North, Central and South America, as well as Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, China and, Australasia.

Clients of the combined entity can expect to benefit greatly from the breadth of OEM prequalified product designs and solutions now available worldwide.

Innova, Braden and Consolidated Fabricators are exhibiting at PowerGen International in Las Vegas, NV from December 5th – 7th, 2017.  Please stop by booth 4706 to speak with one of our representatives. 



INNOVA Global, formerly ATCO Emissions Management, ATCO Noise Management and Higgott- Kane, is an international, fully integrated engineering, fabrication, procurement and construction management company that primarily serves clients in the power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical and industrial sectors.

Over the past four decades, the company has developed a full-service suite of specialized solutions involving air and noise emissions control, acoustic consulting, gas turbine auxiliary systems, heat recovery systems, oil and gas facilities, and turnkey buildings.

INNOVA Global has offices throughout North America and overseas, with in-house fabrication facilities in Monterrey, Mexico and St. George, Utah.

About Braden:

Braden, headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Heerlen, the Netherlands, is an international leader in the power generation industry for the design, manufacture, installation and retrofit of auxiliary equipment for gas turbines including filter houses, inlet cooling systems, anti-icing systems, intake silencers, expansion joints, diverter dampers, exhaust silencers, exhaust stacks and Selective Catalytic Reduction systems.

Its in-house engineering capabilities also include: 3-D solid modeling of complex shapes; computational fluid dynamics; structural design analysis; thermal, buckling and vibration frequency analysis; finite elemental analysis; and acoustical testing and analysis.

The company was founded in 1923 by Glenn T. Braden and now has more than 160 employees with specialized engineering staff in the United States and the Netherlands, and relationships with fabrication specialists in over 30 countries.

Consolidated Fabricators has been in business since 1971, designing and manufacturing complex equipment to support gas turbine and other power generation equipment. CFI operates 50,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space in Auburn, Massachusetts.

For more information, please contact:

Harold (Harry) Wong, President & CEO of INNOVA Global Ltd.
T: 519.220.0600 Ext. 224