Garden Shed 1

Innova was contacted by a long standing utility customer to inspect a condo complex in northwest Calgary that had a combined heat and power unit installed in order to use waste heat from the complex to pre-heat their water boiler. 

While this is a great solution to lower energy bills, the exterior cooler isn’t the prettiest thing to look at out your living room window.  On top of that, the cooler and exhaust systems are extremely noisy.

Garden Shed 2Innova had to figure out how to solve both problems—improve the aesthetics of the exterior cooler and reduce sound levels by 15 decibels.
Our team got to work.
They needed to build an enclosure that would fit in with the landscaping and the look and feel of the neighbourhood while also providing adequate access to the cooler for maintenance. 


Garden Shed 3

The team came up with “an acoustical garden shed.”  The enclosure has cooler silencers and ventilation for the equipment in the roof.  There are multiple access panels to allow for easy equipment access for maintenance personnel.  

The “eyesore” is gone, and so are the noise complaints from the residents.

And the shed doesn’t look industrial or out of place at all. In fact, if you didn’t know it had a generator inside, you’d think it had a few rakes and a lawn mower.