Power that's quick and quiet

The Kpone Thermal Power Plant project is a 230-megawatt, natural-gas-fired power plant whose production supplies low-cost and reliable electricity for approximately 7.5 million people in and around Kpone, Ghana. When water shortages reduce the area’s hydro generation capacity, the plant supplements the Ghanaian national grid.

Innova recently supplied the plant with gas turbine bypass exhaust systems with diverter dampers. The systems improve the plant’s flexibility, improve its safety and reduce the noise it generates, which in turn improve the lives of everyone the plant serves.

"We are pleased to be able to work on such an important project in Ghana," says Harry Wong, Senior Vice President, General Manager – Innova. "With proven noise attenuation built into the bypass stack and the operational flexibility of the diverter damper, our system effectively reduces the risks of non-compliance, while reliably meeting power demand."

Bypass system flexibility 

Innova’s bypass systems provide power plants with the flexibility to produce power in either simple-cycle or combined-cycle mode. In combined-cycle mode, exhaust heat from the facility is fed into a heat recovery steam generator that can generate additional electricity. Under simple-cycle mode, the bypass exhaust systems’ diverter dampers send this heat to the bypass stack. But reusing heat comes with an important trade-off.

It can take several hours for a facility in combined-cycle mode to begin producing power without a bypass system. As a benefit of Innova’s bypass systems, the Kpone Thermal Power Plant is able to immediately meet sudden increases in demand by starting in simple cycle. Then, heat is gradually introduced to warm the heat recovery steam generator before fully converting to combined cycle mode. And while the plant does not currently produce power using a heat recovery steam generator, Innova’s bypass systems would allow construction to take place while safely continuing regular power generation.

Each diverter damper is equipped with a robust, toggle drive system and Innova’s patented 100% seal air system. The Innova Seal Air System™ eliminates hot spots, ensuring a safer system overall.

Reduction in plant noise output

Innova has also reduced the plant’s noise output by installing Higgott-Kane™ exhaust silencing systems, which reduce noise emissions to 45 dBA at 220 meters from each of the plant’s stack.

"Together, these systems represent a huge improvement in the plant’s operation," says Wong. "We’ve provided a flexible system that meets the needs our clients and the customers they serve."

As the supplier of both the diverter damper and bypass stack, Innova is able to ensure an integrated system that is flexible, safe and quiet. For the Kpone Thermal Power Plant and for any of Innova’s other clients, these technologies will keep their plants running safely and quietly for years to come.