The SaskPower Queen Elizabeth Power Station is located on the shores of the South Saskatchewan River with homes, golf courses, campgrounds and other businesses surrounding the nearby landscape. Since opening the Queen Elizabeth Power Station in 1959 in Saskatoon, SaskPower has expanded it three times to meet rising electricity demand in Canada’s fastest growing city.

Saskatoon’s sizzling economy grew 5% in 2013 by successfully attracting newcomers from all over the country and abroad to make the prairies their home. The expansions at the plant are a direct result of the growing population and the increased need for electricity.

The plant was once on the outskirts of town but with the city of Saskatoon rapidly growing closer and becoming more densely populated, the need for a guaranteed solution to silencing the turbines running at the plant is crucial. Another key consideration is the need for filtration of the gas turbine inlet air. In addition to the typical airborne particulates, heavy, blowing snow during a typical Saskatoon winter can clog up the inlet system. A congested inlet system will decrease the airflow going to the turbine, affecting the amount of electricity produced or even damaging and shutting down the turbines entirely.

Turnkey packages

Innova has participated in each expansion at the station. In 2001, Innova provided turnkey acoustical packages for six Hitachi H-25 gas turbine additions. These Innova packages included acoustical enclosures around each gas turbine as well as the support structural steel, fire suppression, enclosure lighting, ventilation intake and exhaust system, and combustion intake system composed of an air intake filter house, intake silencer, elbows and ducting.

The next installation of Hitachi H-25 gas turbines by SaskPower in 2009 again used Innova to supply its Higgott-Kane™ exhaust silencing systems complete with expansion joints, horizontal and vertical transitions, elbows, ducting, ladders, platforms, personnel protection screens and stacks.

Simple cycle exhaust systems

Elsewhere with SaskPower, Innova provided simple cycle exhaust systems and its proprietary anti-icing system to three GE LM6000 gas turbine systems at Yellowhead, and two GE LM6000 systems at Ermine, through a contract with SNC Lavalin. The anti-icing system were high performance achieving a 22°F temperature rise at these sites.

Most recently, the Queen Elizabeth Power Station Repowering will oversee the conversion of three of the existing Hitachi H-25 gas turbines generators to combined cycle operation and an addition of three more Hitachi H-25 turbines with once through steam generators to produce an extra 205MW of power. Innova will design and supply three complete intake systems for the new turbine units complete with pulse clean filter houses, Higgott-Kane™ inlet silencing system, support steel, ladders, platforms, elbows, flexible joints and horizontal ducting.

New intake systems

Innova’s inlet pulse-jet air filtration system is designed for self-cleaning in particulate-heavy environments. For this project, the up-flow installation has vertically-mounted filters that capture particles and snow on their surfaces which are then removed by a pulse of compressed air, keeping the gas turbine inlet super clean to avoid clogging, reduced power output, and shut down.

The Higgott-Kane™ inlet silencer baffles will be integrated into the design and will guarantee compliance with local noise regulations while allowing maximum air flow to the turbines. Clean, undisturbed airflow is vital to the turbine engine by preventing corrosion and foreign matter damage which will extend the life of the turbine and increase the turbine efficiency.

"Our pulse filter houses are designed and engineered to provide supreme protection for these H-25 engines while maintaining their system performance by minimizing pressure drop," explained Harry Wong, Sr. Vice President and General Manager, Innova. "Our filter house design also facilitates maintenance access and guarantees worry free operation for SaskPower. With the integrated Higgott-Kane™ inlet silencer baffles, the plant will meet all noise regulations while providing reliable operation and electricity production to support the population growth and demand in Saskatoon."