Within the first half of 2015, Innova successfully completed 45 acoustic projects ranging from small gas compressor facilities to large power plants. 

One of the more complex projects involved an existing multi-unit coal plant in South America which required substantial noise reduction to meet newly imposed government regulations. To meet the client's needs, Innova used cutting-edge technological tools involving acoustic beamforming to identify the specific, dominant noise sources within the plant. 

The resultant measurement data, coupled with in-house advanced acoustical modeling capabilities, was instrumental in designing the most cost effective retrofit noise mitigation solutions.  Most importantly, Innova provided an overall site-wide acoustic guarantee. 

The video below showcases our new acoustic camera.

The acoustic camera allows Innova's acousticians to locate the most significant noise source, as seen in the multicolored arrangement. The cursor is placed to determine the sound level at that location (Beam), as well as the sound level throughout the overall area (Omni). As the acoustic camera is moved to a new location, the 128 dynamic microphones encompassed in the camera will acquire the new primary noise source and enable Innova acousticians to determine the proper mitigation needed to suppress the noise source to satisfy the noise regulations governing the facility.