From initial site survey and fabrication through to installation and post-construction testing, we have delivered guaranteed performance and compliance on over 5,000 projects.

And that's only the beginning for what sets us apart.

Engineering Integrity-Guaranteed

Our goal is to become a world leader in noise and air emissions control and waste heat recovery systems for power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical and other industrial sites worldwide.

We will achieve this through the following:

Environmental Focus - Our concerned regard for the environment and focus on lowering noise and air emissions and increasing plant efficiencies helps our industrial partners to ensure environmental compliance.

Performance Guarantee - We assume full risk for each site’s compliance requirements that fall within our scope.  This is our INNOVA guarantee, which simply states “should results fall short of the original specifications we will remedy the problem at no extra cost to our customer.”

Technical Expertise - Our technical capabilities and engineering skills have long been recognized by our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners.  We use these strengths to develop new, innovative ways to limit the impact of industrial operations on people and the environment.

Experience - The value of our 40 years in business and broad experience lies in the knowledge base we have accumulated and which few others in the industry can match. Today, we house the largest library of industrial equipment noise level measurements in North America and have completed acoustical consulting and acoustical engineering projects in multiple industries and countries. Because we’ve seen and dealt with such a wide variety of issues, we are adept at finding smart, cost-effective and practical solutions.

Global Capabilities - Our business operates from seven North American sales offices through an international network of sales representatives and third-party fabrication facilities. Through global sourcing and fabrication, we can provide on-time, cost-competitive products anywhere in the world.

Best-in-Class Products - Our research, product testing in certified laboratories and field-proven, has resulted in a series of best-in-class products to meet the most stringent emissions and performance standards.

Intelligent, Turnkey Solutions - As a single source provider of emissions and heat recovery solutions for an entire site, our customers obtain complete, compliant and cost-effective results with a one call.

End-to-End Solutions - INNOVA is amongst the most experienced gas turbine exhaust silencing specialists in the world with 750+ installations for 50+ gas turbine models. Combined with our full product line, we provide a complete package of all noise and emission reduction and auxiliary equipment for gas turbine applications.

Trusted Quality - Our long experience list of successful projects, OEM-approved engineering and fabrication and ISO 9001 certification are guarantees of product quality you can trust.

Financial Strength - For customers seeking suppliers who can stand behind their products and services, financial strength is important.

We have completed over 3,500 projects around the world, including those in Canada, the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, the Middle East, Peru, Spain, Trinidad, the Cayman Islands and more.

Looking forward, we have ambitious plans to grow our new product categories and global market share. With our recent new product launches of air inlet filter houses, catalyst systems for NOx and CO removal, diverter dampers, heat recovery steam generators, waste heat boilers and specialty boilers, we now provide the entire scope of gas path auxiliary equipment for a gas turbine and a broader product slate to the oil and gas, mining and petrochemical sectors.