INNOVA Global’s Oil & Gas Team serves as an extension of your in-house engineering team – a dynamic brain trust at your disposal. Each team member has decades of experience in compression and process engineering, and Oil & Gas operations. It is a hands-on, multidisciplinary team of proven problem solvers that is up to any challenge. We pride ourselves on clear and open lines of communications to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Teams are assembled based on project scope and schedule, with a Principal INNOVA Global Processing Engineer assigned to projects of larger size and complexity. We ensure each project meets operational requirements, and conforms to capital parameters.

Harold (Harry) Wong - President & CEO

Harry Wong

As President & CEO of INNOVA Global, Harry has enthusiastically assumed the role of leading our Oil & Gas Team.

Harry’s career as a mechanical/ process engineer began in 1979, when he joined the Gas Processing and Petrochemicals group at Chevron Standard Limited. He was with Chevron for nine years, serving in many roles involving process design, project and construction management, market contracting, economic analysis/finance, process research and theory (the list goes on). In 1988, Harry joined Total Petroleum Canada, where he gained a first-hand appreciation of the processing challenges smaller, independent producers face.

Harry’s career shifted to the power sector, when became President of a power generation company. He soon joined INNOVA (formerly ATCO Noise Management) as Director of Special Projects in 2005 and was appointed to General Manager of Higgott-Kane Industrial Noise Controls when ATCO acquired that company the same year.

Harry has a Masters of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering (specializing in multi-phase flow) and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering (specializing in fluid mechanics and process control). He is a registered professional engineer of Ontario. His work has been published in several professional journals and he is a frequent speaker at conferences on corrosion inhibition systems and two phase flow measurement. 

Thomas (Tom) Pogson - Lead Technical Consultant

Tom Pogson

Tom brings over 40 years of oil and gas process engineering experience to the INNOVA Global Oil & Gas Team. His knowledge and skillsets encompass all process, mechanical and structural engineering services required for new design and facility expansion (conventional and unconventional applications). Leveraging his understanding of the engineering and economic challenges our clients face, Tom is INNOVA Global’s lead in charge of developing and expanding our line of modular turnkey compressor stations and gas processing plants.

His impressive resume dates back to 1974. Over this time, Tom has served with international and independent petroleum producers in a variety of capacities, including: Senior Project Engineer, Project Manager and Senior Facilities Technologist. Companies he worked for include Pacific Petroleum, Alberta Energy Company, Westmin Resources Ltd., Total Petroleum Canada Ltd., Penn West Petroleum and Conoco Phillips Canada. Before joining INNOVA Global, Tom was working in Thailand, where he was country manager for all Global Process System’s Thailand projects and as Managing Director for Xcel Pacific Ltd./ Phoenix Developments Asia Pacific Inc.

Throughout his career, Tom has expanded his knowledge of the industry through ongoing training and education. He has his C.E.T. and R.E.T. certifications, and has completed several industry programs through University of Calgary and SAIT. Tom has contributed to industry research and understanding through a SAG-D Oil and Water Characterization Workshop and SAG-D Oil and Water Characterization Special Projects.

INNOVA Global Q&A – with Tom Pogson

What positions have you held over the years?
I’ve served in many roles over my career. I’ve been a Project Engineer for manufacturing process equipment and producing oil companies. I regularly work as a Project Manager and have been involved with heavy oil exploitation and development engineering pilot projects. In addition, I was the Oil and Gas Process Specialist for process schemes; Feed Sponsor for an LNG project; and Research Team Leader for heavy oil produced water treatment for reuse in steam generators. Early in my career I was Chief Welding Engineer at a major heavy pressure vessel shop.

What types of facilities have you worked on?
That is a long list! It includes pipelines, compressor stations, liquid recovery refrigeration facilities, sour gas treating (H2S and CO2), heavy oil steam (Huff & Puff, steam drive, cycle and soak, SAG-D), LNG, injection recycle schemes, water disposal H2S, mercury removal, and a water intake system on a major river to supply steam generators. I’ve also been involved with many experimental projects, including a few on military bases.

What is your most memorable project and why?
The Section 13 Heavy Oil Pilot. It was a large full-section development involving all aspects: steam, oil treating, compression, pumping water treatment disposal, production handling, custody transfer, sales contracts and more. This was a truly experimental – and innovative – project at the time. Despite this, everything worked as planned. In fact, it is still operational over 30 years later.

What was your most challenging project and why
A production field acquisition and upgrade in Tierra Del Fuego Argentina: the Canadon Alpha / Rio Cullen Production Facility expansion. I was the Project Manager in charge of the Canadon Alpha refrigeration train expansion and instillation of a new process train. It included management of site construction, repair, fabrication and logistics for the expansion – and required the installation of two turbo generators, compression, utilities, and flare system.

The project also required the integration of power between the Canadon Alpha plant and the Rio Cullin plants. These plants service two offshore platforms, one super tanker loading platform and approximately 5,000 directional wells. The primary facility was taken over from YPF and upgraded over a two-year period. The site location was near the southern-most town in the world and very remote, resulting in many logistical issues and challenges.

What is your greatest strength that you bring to INNOVA?
Experience in design, operation and construction in any environment – from arctic to jungle applications.

What do you believe is the greatest benefit INNOVA’s Oil & Gas Team brings to the industry?
I’d say our extensive understanding of development strategies and operational issues. This comes from the many years we’ve all spent working in an operating environment. We also bring an ability to reduce operational costs and revalue assets based on a strong understanding of what it takes to actually run the facilities.

G. Keith Kern - Senior Business Development Manager

Keith Kern

Keith leads all business development efforts with our Oil & Gas customers in the United States.

Keith has spent the bulk of his career packaging and manufacturing air and gas compression solutions. He worked for Colorado Compressor for 20 years in sales and management roles, where he gained an in-depth understanding of the real-world challenges clients face. In 2006, he joined UE Compression, a leading designer and manufacturer of compression technology, as Manager of Operations – advancing to the position of Chief Operating Officer. He was responsible for overseeing design of UE’s state of the art compressor manufacturing facility; leading engineering, production, quality control, sales and finance operations; steering the company’s transition from a public corporation to a private company; and leading all estimating, production, engineering, safety and quality activities of the business.

INNOVA Global Q&A – with Keith Kern

What positions have you held over the years?
I started out as a Parts Manager and worked my way up, serving as Account Manager, Senior Account Manager, Manager of Operations, Vice President of Operations, Vice President and eventually Chief Operating Officer. Each of these positions provided valuable experience and insights.

What types of facilities have you worked on?
Power plants (simple cycle, combined cycle, cogeneration), wellhead compressor stations, gas gathering systems, gas transmission stations, gas processing plants, CO2 processing, helium plants, LNG plants, and refineries.

What is your most memorable project and why?
Supplying 12 compressor packages totaling almost 50,000HP to a customer for a gas processing plant in New Mexico. It was our company’s largest single order (over $42 MM) and it kept our production facility busy for nine months.

What was your most challenging project and why?
Building air boosters for a customer in Australia. The air boosters needed to be built into a structural steel cage the size of a high cube container. The design was complex due to the limited amount of space allowed and the weight limits for the overall system. The system needed to meet DNV and CE European design standards.

What is your greatest strength that you bring to INNOVA?
30 years of experience packaging air and gas compressors and knowledge on how to apply reciprocating, rotary screw and rotary vane compressors to meet customer’s needs.

What do you believe is the greatest benefit INNOVA’s Oil & Gas Team brings to the industry?
Years of experience in process engineering, compressor solutions, and facility design. This is matched by our enthusiasm for taking on the most difficult customer challenges and providing solutions that exceed expectations.

Aroon Kumar - Manager, Estimating

Aroon Kumar

Aroon leads all estimating for INNOVA Global’s Oil & Gas Team.

His career began as a material coordinator/estimator for Alberta Tanks Ltd. in 1977, where he demonstrated a skill and enthusiasm for improving procurement efficiency. Aroon then joined Wemas Metal Products as a Project Estimator/Project Manager – handling tank manufacturing and installation projects from RFQ to completion. In 1998, he moved to Foremost (formerly Maloney Industries) – one of Western Canada’s largest custom engineering and industrial equipment manufacturers. Over 17 years, he held a variety of positons at Foremost: Project Estimator, Senior Project Estimator, Production Coordinator and Export Manager, Project Manager, Assistant General Manager, and General Manager.

INNOVA Global Q&A – with Aroon Kumar

What positions have you held over the years?
Working with an Oil & Gas process equipment fabricator, I held several roles, including: Production Coordinator, Project Manager, Senior Project Estimator and General Manager.

What types of facilities have you worked on?
I have been involved in the fabrication of equipment and steel used across a variety of facilities, including modular Oil & Gas process equipment. Product lines at Foremost were very similar to those of INNOVA’s and what our clients require for gas processing, including: dehydrators, pressure vessels, line heaters, contactor towers, separator packages, tanks, amine plants, compressor packages and more.

What is your most memorable project and why?
My most memorable project was the Long Lake Project. I was the GM of the manufacturing facility and was involved in all aspects of the project. This was a massive fabrication job (a $20 MM+ contract). There were four different EPC contractors on the project – all requiring specific components. It was a great project to be a part of.

What was your most challenging project and why?
It involved the fabrication of six 114” ID x 150’ OAL trayed towers – each with 11 ladders & platforms. The design called for Inconel 625 nozzle weld overlay, internally cladded with 1/8” chromium carbide. Each tower required over 6,000 plug welds.

What is your greatest strength that you bring to INNOVA?
With 40 years of experience in process equipment fabrication, I am able to produce detailed and accurate project estimates to ensure that projects are easily manageable and successful.

What do you believe is the greatest benefit INNOVA’s Oil & Gas Team brings to the industry?
Our years of combined experience in plant operations and plant design, worldwide.

Larry Hubka - Lead Engineering Consultant

Larry Hubka

Larry is responsible for the initial engineering of solutions for INNOVA’s clients followed by project management of fabrication and installation.

Larry brings over 45 years of Oil & Gas related experience to the INNOVA Global team. He’s held numerous positions related to facilities and operational engineering, working for companies large and small: including AvTech Engineering, Cimarron Petroleum Ltd., Ocelot Industries Ltd. and Texas Pacific Oil Canada Ltd.

His diverse skills and expertise encompass all facets of operations management and production engineering, including facilities installations and production operations. He has extensive project management experience involving process and engineering design of gas and oil production facilities, including: preliminary project scoping, project development and economics, regulatory applications and approvals, AFE preparation, equipment and material specification, procurement, cost control, and facility start-up and commissioning. Larry has worked on international projects in India, Indonesia, the United States and Russia (USSR). Before joining INNOVA Global he ran a successful consulting business (Atara Professional Services Inc.), providing project engineering and project management services to clients in the upstream petroleum and petrochemical industry

INNOVA Global Q&A – with Larry Hubka

What positions have you held over the years?
Production Engineer, Senior Production Engineer, Plant Engineer, Area Production Manager, Project Engineer, Senior Project Engineer, Project Manager and Principal in various engineering companies.

What types of facilities have you worked on?
Sour gas processing (including sweetening facilities); sweet gas processing; hydrocarbon fractionation; sulphur recovery units (including in-refinery environments); heavy oil and SAGD; high and low pressure flare and drain systems; incinerator stacks; sweet and sour natural gas compression; sweet and sour gas and liquid pipelines; gathering, secondary and transmission wellsite facilities and central site production facilities; water treating and disposal systems; water flood surface facilities, pipeline distribution and wellsite/wellhead facilities; sweet and sour oil batteries and crude oil de-salting and stabilization studies; feasibility, field development (onshore and offshore, domestic and international).

What is your most memorable project and why?
The Peco Field Development and Central Gas Processing Facility in Alberta. It came together and operated as designed.

What was your most challenging project and why?
Design and Installation of a Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU) for the Texaco Nanticoke Refinery.

What is your greatest strength that you bring to INNOVA?
Operational and project experience in a wide range of areas, both domestically and internationally.

What do you believe is the greatest benefit INNOVA’s Oil & Gas Team brings to the industry?
Combined experience and our ability to successfully address a wide range of projects and challenges.

Guillermo (Gui) Lagos - Lead Design Consultant

Guillermo Lagos

As INNOVA’s senior design drafter for Oil & Gas, Gui directs a group of designers in producing drawings from concept through to 3-D and fabrication level.

The INNOVA Oil & Gas Team is bolstered by Guillermo’s 35+ years of diversified engineering design and project experience in the oil and gas, petrochemical and energy industries – both domestic and international. He’s worked on a broad range of surface facility designs and projects from the feasibility phase through construction, with interdisciplinary relations and management responsibilities.

Prior to joining INNOVA, Guillermo was an independent consultant, providing senior Design/Checker/Coordination services to a variety of industry clients over a 25-year span. He gained valuable experience working for SaskOil Crown Corporation, PanCanadian Petroleum Ltd. and Sherrit Power.

INNOVA Global Q&A – with Guillermo Lagos

What positions have you held over the years?
I’ve held a variety of positions at both a junior and senior level. I’ve worked as a Mechanical/Piping Designer and Checker, and as a Lead and Coordinator, for engineering and oil and gas producer corporations. I’ve served as Operations Accounting Analyst (I, II and III) for an Oil & Gas producer and as a Business Developer and Chain Supply Analyst for a midsize engineering firm on international projects.

What types of facilities have you worked on?
Oil batteries; vapour recovery systems; pipelines, water injection and treatment plants; gas gathering systems and pipelines; compressor stations; and gas processing plants (sweet and sour gases).

What is your most memorable project and why?
It was the Sour Gas Plant at Smiley, Saskatchewan for Penn-West – an Alberta-based oil and gas producer. The project was completed in record time by re-using existing equipment, making it a financial success for the client. It proved that this type of project can be very effective for clients.

What was your most challenging project and why?
A Sour Gas Plant in Kazakhstan, developed for a French/German conglomerate. Working overseas for a foreign engineering company, I had to coordinate the identification of equipment to be cut into pieces, and mark the components for re-assembly (a challenge compounded by the fact all field personnel spoke Russian!) In addition, I was responsible for proper documentation of all equipment, valves, fittings and other materials to be utilized in the erection of the facility, which was transported to the site on an Antonov cargo plane. The project was completed in three months… six months ahead of the local pipeline team.

What is your greatest strength that you bring to INNOVA?
I offer extensive experience in surface facilities projects in Western Canada as well as internationally, and additional experience in oil and gas operations. Being bilingual helps me communicate and work with a producer’s operational personnel. I have developed legal contracts that were executed in Alberta and overseas. I also contribute knowledge and experience in gas plant allocations and operations accounting.

What do you believe is the greatest benefit INNOVA’s Oil & Gas Team brings to the industry?
INNOVA’s Oil & Gas Team stands as proof that smaller engineering companies can produce results equally to those of large engineering firms, at a more cost-effective price. This benefits producers of all sizes.

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